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Boosting Employee Happiness in Insurance

A conversation with Jennifer Moss, acclaimed author and expert in workplace wellness and an industry panel of insurance executive leaders.


According to a 2021 APA survey1, nearly three in five employees or 59% of workers experienced negative impacts of work-related stress. Forbes2 estimates that ignoring workplace well-being and mental health costs America $193.3 billion in lost earnings per year.

Frontline insurance workers in particular struggle with information overload and a constantly changing information landscape that makes onboarding, hiring, and staff retention challenging. Searching and finding the right information for customer inquiries in real-time is tedious and time-consuming, and often leads to employee frustration, low staff productivity and burnout.

Remote working environments emerging from the pandemic can exacerbate these trends as employees can’t easily turn to co-workers down the hall. But what can employers do? 

In this 60-min webinar, after a keynote by Jennifer Moss, panelists will discuss:

  • Burnout and what it means in insurance
  • Increasing employee well-being and productivity
  • Navigating common causes and bottlenecks
  • Choosing the right technology foundation



Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss is a globally recognized as an expert in workplace wellness, and author of the book, The Burnout Epidemic, published by Harvard Business Press. She is a nationally syndicated radio columnist and was on the Global Happiness Council—a small group of leading scientists and economists that support the UN’s sustainable goals related to global well-being and the Annual Global Happiness Policy Report. Prior to this, Moss worked in Silicon Valley, eventually joining Barack Obama’s California social team during his historic presidential campaign. To acknowledge her contributions to business and public service, Moss was named a Canadian Innovator of the Year, an International Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and recipient of the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama.

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Nick Lamparelli

Nick Lamparelli is a 25+ year insurance professional, insurtech founder and consultant. Nick has spent the past 15 years working on insurance problems in the natural catastrophe space and his startup that he co-founded, reThought Insurance, solved issues on how to profitably underwrite flood exposures.

Nick is currently focused on insurance strategy inefficiencies from company mission, product design, organizational structure and capital optimization. Nick discusses these ideas in his blog and podcast titled, The Yellow Book Road.


Colin Laird

Colin Laird has almost 20 years of experience working at global P&C insurance carriers and is currently SVP of Operations at Berkley Canada. Colin has a wide range of experience in underwriting, process and operations, change management, multinational insurance and talent development. Colin is a results-oriented leader that focuses on building first class teams that can outperform the averages and expectations.

Colin is an award-winning coach and has a wealth of leadership experience across many areas of the insurance business including Accident & Health Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Change Management, Leadership Development, Team Building, Coaching, Employee Engagement, Strategy Creation, Business Development, Client Retention, Portfolio Management, Customer Service, Operations, Technical Underwriting and Multinational Insurance.

Colin is currently focused on enhancing the employee & customer experience with his work on Talent Management, Data and Systems and Workflow & Process.

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Stacey Lee-Scott

Stacey Lee-Scott has 15 years of experience working with leaders to harness and optimize the full potential of their talent. Her leadership experience across HR, recruitment, leadership coaching, operations management and strategic planning has given her a diverse perspective on what it takes for businesses to successfully drive a culture of high performance.

In her work in the professional services and technology industries, she has helped companies overcome the impacts on employee well-being and performance driven by the myriad workplace and personal stressors that have become even more prevalent post-pandemic.

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1 APA, "The American workforce faces compounding pressure"
2 Forbes, "The Cost Of Ignoring Mental Health In The Workplace"