Driving Efficiency with Knowledge Management:
Cincinnati Insurance's Success with ProNavigator

The Company


For nearly 75 years, The Cincinnati Insurance Company has been in the business of helping when disaster strikes – helping policyholders recover financially; helping families and businesses restore their lives and livelihoods; helping communities regain a sense of stability. Serving communities in 46 states across the United States with over 5,000 associates, Cincinnati Insurance continues to enhance the ability of local independent insurance agents to deliver quality financial protection.

Company stats
● Founded in 1950
● 5,400+ associates
● 2,100 independent agents


The Challenge

Prior to implementing the ProNavigator platform, Cincinnati’s Claims Service Center, staffed by 42 associates, relied on multiple sources of information – from shared drives, team notes, emails, and more – making information discovery and access challenging. The exponential growth of information being processed by these associates was challenging using the existing technology, resources, and processes available to deliver Cincinnati's standard of world-class service.

Managing and updating the content the Claims Service Center needed and onboarding new staff efficiently, became increasingly challenging and time-consuming.

The Solution

Cincinnati partnered with ProNavigator to overhaul their claims knowledge management system, resulting in significant improvements in associate productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

By leveraging ProNavigator's platform to streamline their knowledge base, eliminate redundancies, and enhance version control and tagging, Cincinnati empowered its Claims Service Center associates to quickly and easily find the information they needed to assist policyholders. This has led to a substantial reduction in average handling time on customer calls, boosting both productivity and the quality of support.

With a robust, user-friendly knowledge platform in place, the team can now update information quickly and accurately, ensuring associates always have access to the most current and relevant content. ProNavigator's advanced reporting capabilities have also given Cincinnati visibility into knowledge gaps, allowing them to proactively address areas for improvement.

In the first six months:
  • Average handling time on calls has decreased compared to the same six-month period the previous year.
  • The knowledge base update process has become faster, enabling quicker responses to evolving customer needs
  • The ability to identify and address knowledge gaps improved using ProNavigator's reporting capabilities

Using ProNavigator has helped their Claims Service Center associates continue to provide exceptional customer service while improving their operational efficiency.