ProNavigator Provides NFP Canada with a Single Source of Truth, Time Savings, and Effective Staff Coaching

“ProNavigator is all a huge value. It’s a big timesaver and gives client managers more time to spend with the client. We’ve sped up wrap time on calls where answers can be found versus calling someone. I’m a numbers person and those are huge gains for me. If you were to ask our team if they could live without it they’d exclaim, ‘NO!”

Sr. Vice President, Business Enablement
NFP Canada
NFP Canada (NFP) is a leading insurance broker, consultant, and financial services firm providing specialized business and personal insurance, group benefits, retirement and individual solutions.

NFP previously used a note-taking program as a repository for carrier content info and included links to take users to docs which were accessed frequently. The digital note-taking app has helpful functionality but fell short of NFP’s many requirements for a knowledge management platform.

The challenges they were facing with their program included:
  • Disparate Language for Updating and Searching
  • Scale Becoming Unmanageable
  • Struggle to Access Information Needed

NFP knew they needed a solution to tackle these problems head-on. Read the full case study to learn how NFP teamed up with ProNavigator to solve these challenges.