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ProNavigator Product Release Notes

Send email notifications when a new announcement is published

Stay in the loop with our latest feature release - email notifications! Never miss a beat for important announcements. Simply select the email notification option when creating a new announcement and users will receive an email with a button to quickly access and read the latest update. Stay informed with our email notifications feature.

Download and Print in Quick Tools

We’ve learned that use cases for “Print” and “Download” may be different. Now two functions can be enabled/disabled separately and provided in Quick Tools accordingly.

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Document Viewer

We want to provide the maximum viewing size for better readability. Now our documents open in full size within ProNavigator!

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Additional Sort By Options

Reorganizing the list of content is an effective way to access the information you need. Along with filters and Group By features, we’ve expanded our Sort By options.

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A New Search Experience

Search is a key journey to access the information you need. In the past 6 months, we have listened carefully to the feedback on the user experience around ProNavigator’s search.

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Fillable Forms

We understand many of the documents you are looking for are forms that need to be filled in. Now we support fillable forms so you can fill them in directly in ProNavigator and download or print them...

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Quick Links

Information your team requires to complete a workflow often exists in many places. We want to help by hosting external information on ProNavigator that your team can access at their fingertips.

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Stay Up to Date with Documents

We understand it is important for frontline staff to stay up to date with the latest version of the documents. We want to help inform your team when there is a newer version of the document.

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Common File Types

Having information in one place and being able to context search at one click is critical to faster response to customers. We are excited to support common file formats such as Microsoft Docs, Excel...

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