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Tired of pulling documents from carrier portals and cluttered drives?

With ProNavigator, all your market information and workflows are migrated onto one system. Say goodbye to logging in and out of carrier portals. We keep all your market information and workflows in one system and provide your staff with one login to access all the documents that drive your business.

Don't just take our word for it.


“ProNavigator gives our team more time to focus on our clients. We’ve sped up wrap time on calls where answers can be found on our own instead of a high volume of calls to our carriers.”

Nancy Barac,
Senior Vice President, Business Enablement
NFP Canada


We help brokerages recoup lost time
and costs by:


Immediate Results

Say goodbye to tagging and training — deployment takes just 8-12 weeks with minimal time from your team.


Staff Will Use It

Our user interface, filters, and search experience are built for insurance staff — that’s why over 80% of employees regularly use our platform to find information.


Understand What Employees Need

Our platform is trained on insurance-specific queries. It continues to improve based on your specific language and identifies new entities and resources as they are added or changed.


Automatically Index Every Resource

Our insights highlight how staff leverage the platform, what they are searching for, which resources they access, or where there are no resources so your teams can fill in the gaps.


Actionable Recommendations

We use rich data to deliver recommendations to your team. Our team will work with you to develop and accelerate product roadmaps, address common pain points, and increase the ROI of your investments— without adding extra work for your teams.

See it in action

You’ve done your research. You saw the social proof. It's time to see the real thing.

So what does this all mean?

Provide Your Staff With One
Source of Truth

ProNavigator provides staff with one source of truth to manage content and removes the need for cluttered drives. Our role-based access controls ensure the right team member sees the right information.


Search Built for Insurance

Our search functionality is built to pick up on insurance acronyms and pinpoints exactly what staff is looking for — that’s why customers call us Google for insurance.

Content Migration Made Easy

Our leading technology enables you to ditch legacy infrastructure and  move content from anywhere. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.


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