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How ProNavigator was born in 97 minutes

Joseph D’Souza called his insurance carrier with what he thought was a quick question about his policy.

More than 90 minutes later he was still on hold.


Frustrated with the poor customer service, Joseph couldn’t believe that such an impactful industry was unable to answer a simple customer question in less than an hour and half.

The carrier lost Joseph’s business on that phone call. But the idea for ProNavigator was born.

Joseph reached out to an insurance friend and they dug into the problem. What they discovered was huge.

Much of the insurance industry is powered by legacy technology. In some cases, it’s technology that was built before the internet was a thing, to solve fundamentally different problems.

Insurance professionals spend enormous amounts of time trying to find answers on policy wordings, coverage options, endorsements, even general billing information.

Getting their hands on this information is frustratingly slow and unnecessarily manual, Primarily because existing processes center around logging into portals or intranets, searching keywords in PDFs or bulletins, or referring to internal cheat sheets.

Even the most experienced professional can’t store this information in their head or keep up with the seemingly endless updates. So you end up sifting through a 200-page underwriting manual.

On average, that translates to a minimum of 1 hour per day per person spent searching for information—time that could be spent on high-value work.

ProNavigator was born out of the simple belief that we could make insurance better for everyone: Easier, faster, and more convenient for consumers. Driving growth, reducing operating costs, and supercharging productivity for insurance professionals.

ProNavigator is an AI-powered knowledge management system that connects insurance professionals with exactly the information they need, when they need it.

We’ve spent years developing our natural language understanding models. We’ve trained our machine learning on specific insurance knowledge so it can understand the types of queries front-line staff use and within seconds retrieve the right information.

Our customers call it Google for insurance.

We’re proud of what we’ve done at ProNavigator so far but even more excited about what we can do in the next few years. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible and there’s still lots of room for innovation. It’s all about empowering people.

We truly believe that by combining the strengths of AI with human intelligence we can help thousands of insurance professionals get to better productivity, immediately.

Because insurance and instant  isn’t the future—it’s now.

(Want to help? We’re hiring!)