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The team building smart software for the insurance industry.


It started with a 97 minute phone call.

ProNavigator CEO, Joseph D'Souza, called his insurance carrier with what he thought was a quick question about his policy.
More than 90 minutes later, he was still on hold.

Frustrated with the poor customer service, Joseph couldn't believe that such an impactful industry could not answer a simple customer question.

The carrier lost Joseph's business, but the idea for ProNavigator was born.
ProNavigator is the knowledge management system that connects insurance professionals with precisely the information they need when they need it. This means no more frustrating hold times or long waits for an answer. With ProNavigator, your team will have everything they need to provide excellent customer service.


Meet the Leaders of ProNavigator

Joseph D’Souza
Brad Fackoury
Director, Implementations
James Kim
Head of Product
Stacey Lee-Scott
Director, People and Culture
Jerom Yu
Director, Finance
Ty Deemer
Director, Growth
Brad Fackoury
Director, Implementations

We get a lot done, and we have fun doing it...

“I really like that my
voice matters here.
Everyone is encouraged
to think. It’s great to be
given a problem and
be able to run with it,
but also know you have
colleagues you can
collaborate with if you
want to talk it through.”

Software Developer

“For me, the main
thing is the idea of
innovation in such
an old industry. I like
working at a company
that’s innovating at such
a high scale and setting
new standards”

Content Specialist

“You’re given the time
to experiment—see if
it works, see what the
results are, compare
them. We know we’re
going to fail sometimes
on the way to getting it
right so the expectation
is that we’re always

Data Science Lead

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What matters to us

We stay true to our core values


People come first.

  • Relationships matter.
  • Life happens—empathize.
  • We value a diversity of people, opinions & experience.

Be bold & move fast.

  • Try new things—it’s OK to make mistakes along the way.
  • Push yourself and others to grow.
  • Play to win.

Transparency is key.

  • Communicate openly and frequently.
  • Be honest. Say it like it is. 
  • Be generous with what you know.

Bulls run together.

  • We win and lose as a team. 
  • Collaboration makes us stronger.
  • Assume everyone's good intentions.
  • Help each other celebrate wins and learn from losses.

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