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The ProNavigator Story


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The Knowledge Management Platform
Built for Insurance.

It started with a 97 minute call.



ProNavigator CEO, Joseph D'Souza, called his insurance carrier with what he thought was a quick question about his policy. More than 90 minutes later, he was still on hold.

Frustrated with the poor customer service, Joseph couldn't believe that such an impactful industry could not answer a simple customer question. The carrier lost Joseph's business, but the idea for ProNavigator was born.

In 2016, we launched the first-ever insurance chatbot to improve our clients’ sales and customer service capabilities. In 2019, we broke new ground by creating the first knowledge management platform for the Insurance sector, that uses natural language processing to understand and answer staff questions. And we’re continuing to extend our capabilities, introducing large language models, in a way that is accurate and secure.


The team building smart software for the insurance industry.

This is what matters to us – we stay true to our core values every day.


People Come First

Relationships matter
Life happens – empathize
We value a diversity of people, opinions, & experiences


Bulls Run Together

We win & lose together
Collaboration makes us stronger
Assume everyone's good intentions


Transparency is Key

Always communicate openly and freely
Be honest. Say it like it is.
Be generous with what you know


Be Bold and Move Fast

Try new things - it's okay to make mistakes along the way
Push yourself and others to grow
Play to win

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Join the good people making smart software for the insurance industry today.

Large Language Models

Large Language Models

LLMs offer a new way to extend the capabilities of staff, but only if they can deliver highly-accurate results. However, generic “off-the-shelf” LLMs can produce wildly inaccurate results. Most insurance organizations have a low to zero tolerance for inaccurate information.



When knowledge is displayed on our platform, we link to source information, ensuring you can rely on the answers provided. Referenceability isn't just a bonus—it's essential.



ProNavigator applies enterprise data permissions, ensuring that users only have access to the information they're supposed to see. We employ AES-256 encryption for data at rest and TLS 1.2+ for data in transit. This, in combination with our SOC2 level of compliance, ensures that your company's knowledge stays secured.


Need more reasons?

Grow your career and enjoy the sweet benefits.



The compensation & benefits package is competitive. Hey, we’re no deep-pocketed Google but we pay well.


Remote Work

We know that you can do your best work, no matter where you are.



We understand work-life balance. Unlimited sick time and personal care time for things that matter.



We’ve been named a Canadian Rocketship—a place that can launch and accelerate your
career—by TechTO.


Open Minds

Who wants to do things the way they’ve always been done? Not this crew. We value new ideas and perspectives.


Never Get Bored

We’re solving machine learning problems that no one else is. If you love puzzles and
problem-solving, you’ll love it here.

“I really like that my voice matters here. Everyone is encouraged to think. It’s great to be given a problem and be able to run with it, but also know you have colleagues you can collaborate with if you want to talk it through.”

Software Developer

“At ProNav, I can trust my leadership to keep me in the loop, be open to new ideas, support my growth, and give constructive feedback focused on development. Operational decisions are driven by data, focus on consistent process improvement, and result in key information being accessible.”

Business Development Rep

“I’ve gotten the opportunity to grow and evolve in my role, while encouraged to take on
new challenges. It never gets boring, and you’re able to develop new skills along the way with professional development.”

Senior Marketing Specialist

Good people making

smart software 

We are a team of insurance knowledge management experts, passionate about applying technology to lower employee and customer frustrations.

We solve challenges caused by information overload and legacy systems.

We get a lot done and we have fun doing it!


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