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A New Search Experience

Search is a key journey to access the information you need. In the past 6 months, we have listened carefully to the feedback on the user experience around ProNavigator’s search.

Global Search Bar
  • Instead of a dedicated place to perform a search, we have created a global search bar. This enables you to search from anywhere and allows for quick and easy access to information.

Filters Below the Search Bar
  • Our Filters used to be located at the far right of the screen. The placement alone creates a disconnect with the search bar and search results. Moving the filters under the search bar and more into the center of the page allows the filters to be easily discoverable and by being in the same section and close to the search bar creates a visual relationship. 
  • The design pattern of the new filters is in line with similar design patterns of major retail websites which again creates a sense of familiarity, confidence and reduces the learning curve for you. 


Notification on the Top Right Corner
  • Notifications are one of the higher priority items for you. We want to provide more attention to notifications so important messages are never missed. 
    • We have pulled out the notifications themselves as a separate entity from the profile menu with a notification count. This allows you to clearly see at all times how many notifications they have, reducing the amount of clicks to discover them.
    • We have placed the both profile and notification menu to top right corner to provide more attention

Flexible Viewing on Search Results - List View and Grid View
  • Whether you want the grid view for more detailed previews or the list view for a quick scan, you should have the flexibility to switch from one to another. Now you can switch the view as you prefer by simply clicking a View switch icon

Change How List is Presented by Sorting and Grouping
  • A search does not end when a query is entered and filters are applied. You still need to scan the list and find the exact information you are looking for. We are providing more tools so you can get to the information you need faster.
    • Sort by: You can sort the list by alphabetical, popularity, date, line of business, resource type, regions or carrier
    • Group by: You can regroup the list by author, region or resource type


Quick Tools for Faster Use of Information
  • We want to give you flexible, quick and easy access to complete common actions specific to tracking, sharing and viewing content. Quick access to favorites, copy links, download and open in new windows without opening the documents


Reducing Information Overload
  • We found that in many cases there are so many labels that you stop reading them. We want to help reduce the amount of information you see and so you can focus on the information you are looking for. As such we have removed the labels, cleaned up the design which allows for more important information to be easily seen.
  • Listing out all applicable regions can be overwhelming and creates a lot of noise when searching for information. We have simplified how we indicate regions using “Except”, “All Regions” and acronyms for each region



Sam is the Senior Marketing Specialist at ProNavigator.