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How to Onboard New Employees with ProNavigator

Content drives insurance companies.

When a new employee comes on board, they have a lot to learn. The information and answers they need often lie in documents scattered across a variety of sources.

When new employees have to go on a wild goose chase to find these documents, their onboarding process is significantly prolonged. That can slow down business operations overall. Speed up that process by leveraging ProNavigator to onboard new employees — here are some ways to do that.

Create Personalized Learning and Development Programs

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Onboarding isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Each role within your company comes with its own in-depth training processes. Pulling all the necessary content to design those programs takes time. But as those documents already live within ProNavigator, you can simply send new hires straight to the source to start their onboarding journey. 

Instead of spending the time and money to implement video training software, managers can now upload video content to ProNavigator. Anything from a specific tutorial to essential conversations about client cases can be recorded and uploaded to our platform. 

ProNavigator’s in-platform announcements can supplement the information taught in those documents and videos. Continue using these notifications to inform your team of any changes made to internal documents. But when you’re in the process of onboarding new employees, tweak the language on each notification to be inclusive of new hires. Instead of just sharing that a change was made, tell your team why that document was edited. Those additions will give new team members the context they need to get up to speed quicker. 

Encourage Self-Learning

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It's easy to turn to more seasoned employees and ask for answers. But the insurance industry is on the cusp of a retirement wave, meaning new employees can't rely on those colleagues for much longer. Learning self-reliance in their new role will help them to get up to speed quicker. 

No matter their role in your insurance company, every new employee requires a lot of onboarding documentation. As it currently stands, that content may be spread across drives, carrier portals, email exchanges, and the desks of more seasoned employees. It's unreasonable to expect new employees to go to all these sources to learn about their new role and get the answers they need. 

Uploading all of those documents to ProNavigator will take away that stress from your new employee. Just gather all of your necessary content and share it with your Customer Success Manager. We'll do the heavy lifting and upload it to the platform for you. As they get comfortable with the tool, new employees will be able to become more autonomous in their roles in the following ways:

  • AI-powered search — ProNavigator's search flexibility helps new hires find answers even when they don't know the specific document they're looking for. Our AI-powered search is built for the insurance industry. That means that new team members can enter in an acronym or phrase and our search results will present a number of relevant training guides, process manuals, job aids, and more that can fit their needs. 
  • Intuitive Filters — Content in legacy systems are traditionally stored in a hierarchy folder structure. Clicking through various drives to find one piece of content is confusing and overwhelming to a new hire. With our flat structure, filters can be applied in any combination, which well help users find precise results with just a few clicks. 
  • Snippets or Favorite — As new team members learn which content is most relevant to their roles, they can bookmark their most-accessed documents. Users can mark entire documents as a Favorite and refer back to it in the library view of the platform. Or if they want to save a smaller portion of that document, new employees can create Snippets that they can continue to refer back to as they get up to speed.

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