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Content News Feed

Say goodbye to endless email searches and multiple portal logins. Our new feed ensures users stay informed when critical insurance documents are updated or underwriting rules changes.

  • Centralized Updates: All document changes are consolidated into a single, easy-to-navigate feed.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Quickly review recent updates, title, or date change without missing crucial information.

New Updated-Launch-Twitter


  • ProNavigator now enables users to send announcements, complete with images. All communications are fully searchable.
  • How it works
    • Customized: Team announcements can include images and customized styles.
    • Searchable: All communications are searchable
    • Targeted Notifications: Announcements are shown only to the specific user groups defined by your admin.
    • Email Notifications: Full control to send email notifications when an announcement is created or edited

Announcements with Multi-media-Twitter

Design Changes

  • Our dashboard has a brand-new look! The dashboard is the first thing your team accesses and we want to provide the most important information they need to be aware of every day
  • Details
    • Announcements Displayed: Announcements are now shown in Dashboard
    • Content News Feed: The new content news feed is integrated into the Dashboard so your team members are aware of content changes
    • Improved Readability: Change in font size, spacing and design for better readability