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Team Snippets

Building upon the success of our User Snippets feature, introduced two months ago, we are thrilled to bring you an even more exciting update - Team Snippets.

User Snippets have allowed you to create personal reference points within documents, enabling quick access to crucial information. Taking this a step further, our latest release introduces Team Snippets, a feature that allows admin users to create and publicly share snippets that are visible to everyone with access to a particular document.

Any important section of a document can be highlighted as a Team Snippet, and admins can add more context by writing "Notes". These Team Snippets will appear highlighted for any user viewing the document, thus increasing the visibility of essential information.

Team Snippets serve two significant purposes. First, they add more context to the documents, acting like sticky notes that can provide additional insights or warnings. Second, they create specific reference points within documents that can be easily referred to in other documents, emails, or team communications. This will undoubtedly enhance cross-referencing efficiency and make communications much clearer.

At ProNavigator, we are committed to helping insurance staff store, manage, and search the documents that drive business. We believe the Team Snippets feature will further streamline document navigation and management for all users, especially for teams.

Sam is the Senior Marketing Specialist at ProNavigator.